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Rock Fall 2016/Summer 2017 Tryout Dates


Baltimore Tryouts

Baltimore Fall 2016/Summer 2017 Tryout Registration Link

***Final Tryouts Sunday Aug 28th ***

St. Paul's School - Falls Rd - Brooklandville, MD         

             9:00AM-10:30AM       2023/24/25

              10:30AM-12:30PM      2022/21      

  12:30PM-2:30PM        2020

   2:30PM-4:30PM         2019

            4:30PM-6:30PM      2018      

***Central Pennsylvania Tryouts***

September 11th @ Central York HS

September 18th @ Lancaster, PA (TBD)

September  25th @ Central York HS

Central Pennsylvania Fall 2016/Summer 2017 Registration Link

Tryout Details

Tryouts cover 2025 - 2018 Graduation Years

Rock Middle School Program 2025-2022

Rock High School Program 2021-2018

Reasons to Consider Rock Lacrosse 

  • Rock boasts one of the nations top player commitment records to NCAA DI, DII, DIII programs
  • Entering our 10th year of operation, Rock Lacrosse is viewed as one of the nations top advanced club lacrosse programs. 
  • Rock provides each high school participant interested an integrated NCAA recruiting advisement program, which includes education about the process and advisement support during the recruiting effort
  • All Rock High School Teams participate in nationally recognized recruiting events. 
  • Rock is a member of  Passport Alliance one of the nations top club lacrosse alliances provided our teams access to alliance recruiting and individual showcase events
  • Rock coaching staff consists solely of current or former Varsity High School and College Coaches (6 NCAA coaches on staff during this past season) Rock Coaching Staff
  • Each Rock High School (2021-2018) participates in a summer team camp, traditionally hosted on a NCAA campus. 
  • Rock uses a well developed fall/summer coaching curriculum focused on developing a balanced combination of individual and team skills important to players improvement throughout high school and as they prepare for college
  • At the middle school level Rock teaches core foundational skills important to playing the game at an advanced level in high school. 
  • Rock competes at the highest level appropriate for our high school and middle school teams against the nations best competition in the best events. 

Rock Lacrosse Enters Central Pennsylvania

In an effort to leverage our 10 years of operation in Baltimore, a significant infra-structure base and resources available to expand Rock Lacrosse's coverage within close proximity to our home-base in Baltimore, Rock entered the Central, Pennsylvania Region in the Fall 2015, establishing 3 teams, followed by a merger with Low and Away - Lancaster, PA which yielded 3 additional teams. 

Rock mission with the Central PA initiatives are to organically develop the Centra PA region to the levels of play in traditional hotbeds. Rock's efforts are truly organic and as efforts are entrenched we hope to immediately scale the level of play in region, providing lacrosse athletes in middle school and high school an opportunity to develop lacrosse skills at an advanced level, participate in the nations top tournament and recruiting events, and be provided all of the opportunities club can provide - equivalent to the levels offered in traditional hotbed areas. 

Passport Alliance

Rock Lacrosse is a participating member of the Passport Alliance Passport Alliance is a 12 member club alliance of the nations premier programs with similar player development focus and top track records for sending players to NCAA DI, DII, DIII programs.  Passport provides each member a top tier tournaments, hosted and directed by participating Passport Members.

Other important facts about Rock Lacrosse:

  • Rock’s core mission is player development. Our curriculum, team designations, and tournaments are centered on the establishment of a develop path that prepares our players and teams for the next level of lacrosse. Middle School players are on a track to prepare them for high school. High School players are on a track to prepare them for college. 
  • Rock had 61 players, during the 2015 season, playing NCAA Division I lacrosse and +110 players playing a combination of NCAA DI, DII, DIII lacrosse. 
  • Rock offers our high school participants a comprehensive recruiting advisement program inclusive of education on the process and liaison support via team assigned recruitment advisors. 
  • Rock offers each participant (middle and high school) into the Rock Lacrosse Academy, held each fall. Academy curriculum focuses on position specific skills instruction directed by Rock coaching staff and skills instructors. 
  • Rock has a Goalie Coach and a Face Off Instructional Coach for our players. 
  • Rock coaches staff has over 325 years of combined experience coaching at the High School and College level. Each Rock coach is a current or former varsity high school or college coach and average tenure for our staff is 5-7 years. 
  • Rock is entering our 10 year as a national club program. Headquartered at St. Paul’s School in Brooklandville, Maryland Rock is one of the regions largest club lacrosse program with a player development and commitment record that rivals any club regionally or nationally. 
  • Rock Middle School teams participant in the regions top spring club leagues inclusive of regional events with our Passport partner teams. 

If you have any questions about the Rock Lacrosse program or our tryouts feel free to contact us at any time-








Rock Lacrosse announces ta new partnership designating Under Armour as the official outfitter for the Rock Lacrosse program. Under Armour will begin outfitting teams, coaching staffs, administrators and participant families heading into the Fall 2015/Summ

Rock Partners with Under Armour

Rock Lacrosse Partners with Under Armour

Rock Lacrosse is proud to announce a new partnership designating Under Armour as the official outfitter for the Rock Lacrosse program. Under Armour will begin outfitting teams, coaching staffs, administrators and participant families heading into the Fall 2015/Summer 2016 season.

Rock Announces Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational

Rock Lacrosse Announces Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational

Rock Lacrosse is proud to announce the inaugural Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational-Compete to Cure ALS for the nations top 2018 and 2019 teams. Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational proceeds will go to the Brigance Brigade Foundation to support families with members suffering from ALS.  

If you are interested in learning more about the event, contact Big12 Lacrosse via the tournament website. 

Passport Alliance Member Ship

The National 175 and Passport Alliance Partners to Run Showcases & Tournaments!

The National 175 combined with the Passport Alliance create a formidable one-two punch together in providing a special venue in both individual and team tournament formats to the high school lacrosse player seeking to be recruited to play at the collegiate level.


The main focus revolves around driving the best quality and quantity of players and college coaches to our events by improving our venues, our player information dissemination and filming capabilities for both players and coaches alike.


The Passport Alliance is an organization of like-minded highly competitive lacrosse clubs in both the United States and Canada seeking to create, support and participate in the most compelling opportunities for lacrosse players that want to compete at the collegiate level.


With similar goals in each club’s mission for greatness, the members of the Passport Alliance will have an interest in streamlining their players in the recruiting process. Through supporting & collaborating with other very strong clubs, the alliance is focused on enhancing each player’s opportunity to stand out in the ultra-competitive lacrosse community.