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Rock Recruiting Advisment

Rock Recruiting Advisement

Comprehensive Recruiting Advisement Platform

All Rock High School participants in the freshman, sophomore and junior classes are eligible to participate in the Rock Recruiting Advisement program. 

Rock Recruiting Advisement encompasses the following elements: 

  • Participation in fall, winter, spring and summer recruiting seminars and webinars directed by Rock Lacrosse and hosted by members of the NCAA coaching community. 
  • Utilizing ConnectLax NCAA recruiting application
  • Receiving annually developed Rock Recruiting Packs
  • Working directly with an assigned Rock Recruiting Advisor which includes members of the Rock Coaching and Instructional staffs experienced in NCAA recruiting. 

Since establishing the Rock Recruiting Advisement Program early on, Rock Lacrosse has committed as many or more players to NCAA DI, DII, DIII programs as any club in North America. 

Rock Lacrosse NCAA Commitments

One of the Nations Top Player Commitment Records

Rock Lacrosse boast one of the nations most robust and success track records for NCAA commitments to DI, DII, DIII programs. Annually, on average there are 150-185 Rock alums rostered on NCAA DI, DII, DIII teams. 

The success garnered from an NCAA commitment perspective can be traced directly to the Rock Lacrosse Philosophy and the programs concerted and never wavering commitment to player development implemented through Rock Lacrosse' structure and curriculum delivered to each of our participants through our high experienced staff of coaches and instructors. 

2020 Alum Accolades

Team USA Alums

Zach Goodrich - 2015 alum - Boston Cannons - Towson University - Kent Island HS

Johnny Surdick - 2014 alum - PLL - Army - Dematha Catholic HS

Ryan Grown - 2012 alum - PLL - Atlas - Johns Hopkins University - Calvert Hall

Rock Lacrosse has 7 alums this season on MLL and PLL rosters

Zach Goodrich - MLL - Boston Cannons
Michael Mayer - MLL - NY Lizards
Matt Rees - PLL - Atlas 
Ryan Drenner - PLL - Waterdogs
Ryan Brown - PLL - Atlas 
Johnny Surdick - PLL - Player Pool (serving his country)
Greyson Torain - PLL - Player Pool (serving his country)

All Decade Teams

Ryan Brown - Johns Hopkins,  Ryan Drenner and Zach Goodrich - Towson U - were all named to the Upstream Lacrosse All Decade team for their respective college teams.

College Accolades

DIII Player of Year

Kevin Rogers was named 2020 DIII Player of the Year, the 2016 Rock alum from Loudon County HS, and senior from Lynchburg College, finished a spectacular career with the Hornets. Kevin will play his 5th year at High Point. 

Michael Quinn - Mercer University - Kent Island HS - was honored as a USILA Scholar All American. One of the top midfielders in all of Division I lacrosse and a force in the Southern Conference, Michael is testimony to a true student athlete. 

Brett Malamphy  2014 alum- was named DIII First Team All American and DIII Face Off Player of the Year. Former CAC player of the year, finished 2020 as a 2X 1st Team All American and 2X FO POY! 

Dylan Wolf  2017 alum - York College - Fallston HS earned 2020 USILA DIII All American Honors

Wes Chairs - Mt. St. Joseph & Colin Kelly - Marriotts Ridge HS both starters at Mercer University, earned College Crosse Freshman All American honors

2019 Alum Accolades

Division I

Zach Goodrich - Towson  - 1st Team - USILA DI Midfielder of the Year
Johnny Surdick - ARMY - 1st Team - USILA DI Defenseman of the Year
Ryan Terefenko - Ohio State - 2nd Team - Low & Away /Lancaster

Division III

Brett Malamphy - Salisbury - 1st Team - USILA DIII FOGO Player of the Year
Kevin Rogers - Lynchburg - 1st Team
Jake Waxter - Denison - 2nd Team
Hunter Davis - York College - 2nd Team
JD Beck - York College - 2nd Team

During and after the 2018 NCAA season Rock Lacrosse 12 alums received pre and post season All-American honors in various polls: 

Zach Goodrich - Towson University - Kent Island HS - Midfield
Ryan Hursey - Georgetown University - Westminster HS - Midfield
Johnn Surdick - Army - Dematha Catholic HS - LPM/D
Greyson Torain - Navy - Dematha Catholic HS - Midfield
Ryan Terefenko - Ohio State U - Wilson West Lawn HS
Casey Rees - Navy - Boys Latin  - Midfield 
Mikey Wynne - Notre Dame - St. Paul's - Attack
Dillon Hannah - York College - Catonsville HS
JD Beck - York College - Kent Island High School - LPM/D
Hunter Davis - York College - Westminster HS - Attack
Landry Marshall - Glenelg HS - Goalie
Logan Sweeney - Florida Institute of Tech - Liberty HS - Midfield

Rock Lacrosse NCAA Commitments


Jason Ashwood(A)-Hereford High School-High Point

Johnny Giuffreda(A)-Kent Island High School-Loyola

Bailey Martin(A)-Salesianum-Vermont

Mikey Wynne(A)-St. Paul’s-Notre Dame

Connor Dubois(D)-Mt. Hebron High School-Florida Institute of Tech.

Johnny Surdick(D/LPM)-Dematha Catholic HS-Army

Bain Schroeder(D)-Dematha Catholic HS-UMASS-Lowell

Bennett Moore(D)- St. Paul’s-Hobart

Liam Brine(D)-Govenor’s Academy-Holy Cross

Brad Peters(G)-Dematha Catholic HS-Brown

Luke Mantenin(LPM)-St. Paul’s-Wagner

Matthew Quinn(M)-Kent Island High School-Mercer

Tyler Wasson(M)-Glenelg High School-Navy

Ryan Hursey(M)-Westminster High School-Georgetown

Clay Kirby(M)-Mt. St. Josephs High School-Washington & Lee

Brett Malamphry(M)-Arundel High School-UMBC

James Fromert-Kent Island High School-Mercer

Jacob Hagar(M)-Kent Island High School-Towson

Eric Boyle(A)-Franklin High School-Hampden Sydney

Dillon Hannah(A)-Catonsville High School-York College

Charlie Kiler(A)-North Carroll High School-McDaniel

Eric Humphrey(D)-South Carroll High School-Hood College

Matt Kotroco(D)-Westminster High School-Shippensburg

Scott Gwynn(D)-Westminster High School-Wheeling Jesuit

Blake Askenas(M)-Franklin High School-Virginia Tech

Nathan Boldyga(M)-Severn School-Oberlin

Matthew Gigliotti(FOGO)-Mt. St. Joseph HS-VMI

Jake Berger(D)-St. Mary's HS-Wagner

AJ Beck(Goalie)-Catonsville HS-Arcadia


Carter Flaig(A)-St. Paul’s-Princeton

Robert Clark(A)-McDonogh School-Georgetown

Sean Carter(A)-Mt. St. Joseph-Mercer

Blake McDermott(A/M)-South Carroll HS-UMBC

Patrick Clipp(M)-Marriotts Ridge HS-UMBC

Zach Goodrich(M)-Kent Island HS-Towson

Matt Sovero(A/M)-St. Peter & Paul HS-Towson

Ben Scmerler(G)-Gilman-Tufts

Jake Waxter(A)-Gilman-Denison

Hunter Davis(A)-Westminster-York College

Michael Colgan(D)-Loyola Blakefield-Mary Washington

Jake Bredeck (D)-Catonsville HS-Florida Tech​​

JD Beck (LPM/D)-Kent Island HS-York College

Brady Ament (A)-Calvert Hall HS-Stevenson

Brody Bartell(G)-Hereford HS-Stevenson 

Austin Glab(M)-Calvert Hall-York College

Jason Brown(A)-Calvert Hall-Army

Chad Patterson(D)-Westminster HS-Towson

Jake Norhausen(D)-Loyola Blakefield-Army

Stephen Bull(D)-Loyola Blakefield-Bates

Stone Boone(A/M)-Kent Island HS-UMBC

Zach Roberts (LPM)-Fallston HS-Mt. St. Mary's

Christian Hall (MD)-Eastern Tech. HS-Pfeiffer

Logan Sweeney (M)-Liberty HS-Florida Tech

Barrett Campbell (D)-Fallston HS-Lebanon Valley

Ian Dickens (D)-Fallston High School-Goucher

Kyle Kinney (A)-North East HS-Frostburg

Jimmy Russo (A)-St. John's Catholic Prep-Goucher

Josh Schulman (M)-River Hill HS-Mary Washington

JT Weitzel (M)-North Carroll HS-Wilkes


Drew Harrison(M)-Mt. St. Joseph High School-Maryland

Joe Patti(D)-Hereford High School-Towson

Gray Bodden(D)-Winters Mills High School-Towson

Alex Pfaff(LPM/D)-Loyola Blakefield-Villanova

John Faus(LPM/D)-St. Paul's School-Furman

Brad Szparaga(M)-St. Paul's School-Florida Tech 

Luke Fromert(A)-Kent Island HS-Mercer 

Zach Alt (M/FOGO)-Franklin HS-Mt. St. Mary's

Tommy Bowser (M)-York Catholic-Florida Tech

Barazani Chiwego (LPM/D)-Franklin HS-Florida Tech

Nick Fornadel (LPM/D)-Calvert Hall HS-Florida Tech

Jordan Elam (LPM/D)-Loundon Valley HS-Mercer University

Kevin Wynne (M/A)-St. Paul's School-Mercer University

Mike Quinn (M)-Kent Island HS-Mercer University​

Ricky Koehler (M) - Dematha Catholic HS - High Point

Garrett Michel (A)-Dulaney HS-Florida Tech

Chase Goldstein (LPM/D)-Franklin HS-VMI

Joe Maranto-(M/FO)-Fallston HS-Randolph Macon

Connor Lowry-(LPM/D)-Westminster HS-Eastern University

Josh Huerbin-(M/FO)-Loudon County HS-Washington College

Tanner Yanick-(M)-York Catholic-York College

Collin Mailman-(M)-York Suburban-Drexel 

Pat Stafford-(D)-Red Lion HS-John Carroll

Katon Yantek (A) - York Central HS - Ursinis

Mason Markey (D) - York Central HS - DeSales University 

Dylan Short-(M/A)-Franklin HS-Huntingdon College

Andrew Barstow-(D)-St. Paul's-Hamilton College

Aiden Kirkendall-(A)-Susquehanna HS-Lycoming

Michael Sipes-(A)-York Suburban-Frostburg​

Reagan Chasney (A/M) - Boys Latin HS - Oberlin

Liam Wilcox (G) - Fallston HS - Hood College 

Tate Hutchinson - St. Joseph University - (LAL)

Nate Patterson - St. Joseph University - (LAL)

Kark Van Blargan - Army - (LAL)

Jason Roland - St. Joseph University - (LAL)

Dylan Speitel - University of Hartford - (LAL)

Chase Pirozzi - Mount St. Mary's (LAL)

Ryan Terefenko - Ohio State University - (LAL)

Jacob Mast- Robert Morris University - (LAL)

Nic Brown - Delaware Valley University - (LAL)

Jacob Corcoran - Seton Hill University (LAL)

Corey Hurst - Messiah College - (LAL)

Reagan Ketchum - Ursinus College - (LAL)

Jon Sickler - Rochester Institute of Technology - (LAL)

Griffin Smith - Catholic University - (LAL)

Parker Wolf - Ursinus College - (LAL)

Brandon Witmer - Messiah College - (LAL)

Stevie Roda - Ursinus College - (LAL)

Marco Pettica - College of Wooster (LAL)


Steve Peters(A/M)-Cumberland Valley HS-Villanova

Matthew Mayer(M)-St. Paul's School-Navy

Stuart Greenspon (A/M)-Episcopal HS (VA)-Hobart

Casey Dubois (G)- Mt. Hebron HS - Army

Kyle Stofko (D) - CM Wright HS - Wagner University 

Joey Tabak (A) - Westminster HS - Bridgewater College

DJ Galloway (D) - Kent Island HS - York College

Casey Waller (A/M) - IMG/Good Counsel - Drexel University

Jack Davies (M) - Wando HS (Loggerheads) - Army

Ben Clafee (A) - Fallston High School - St. Mary's College

Tucker Almany (G) - St. James HS - St. Joseph's University

Riley Schmidt (M) - Glenelg Country School - Lynchburg College

Alec Pupshis (LPM/D) - Mount Saint Joseph HS - Lynchurg College

Stone Stitcher (A) - Kent Island HS - Eastern University

Garritt Schwartz (A/M) - McClay School (FL) - Roanoke College

Justin Willams (M) -  Fallston HS - Florida Tech University

Dylan Wolf (M) - Fallston HS - York College

Ryan McManus (M/A) - Westminster HS - Mount St. Mary's University 

Devon Heckman (M) - Cumberland Valley HS - Widener University

Matt Hager (D) - Cumberland Valley HS - Muhlenberg College

Scott Eberle (M) - Hershey HS - Swarthmore College 

Ben Puodziunas (G) - Cocalico HS - Lake Erie

Tyler Zameroski (A) - Lampeter Strasburg - Seton Hill University 

Cameron Linger (M) - Fallston High School - St. Mary's College

Kyle Hurley (A/M) - Loch Raven High School - St. Mary's College

Zach Shrift (D) - Hershey HS - McDaniel College

John Gilbert (A) - Eastern York HS - Albright College 

AJ Lentz (LPM/D) - Dallastown HS - York College

David Welsh (LPM/D) - Westminster HS - Florida Tech 

Garret Voight (LPM/D) - Boys Latin HS - Ohio Wesleyan U

Noah Park (M) - Westminster HS - Florida Tech

Antonio Mastramonlis (LPM/D) - St. Paul's School - Florida Tech

Kyle Dizon (M) - South Carroll HS - Marist University

Rowan Bartell (M) - Boys Latin HS - Roanoke

Samuel Emig (A) - Red Lion HS - Eastern University 

JP Shaaber (M) - Wilson HS - Acadia University 

Matt Kissel (LPM/D) - Manheim Township HS - Frostburg State

Logan Green (Attack/Midfield) - Winters Mill HS - Eastern University 

Jimmy Kurnik (Midfield) - Eastern York HS - Eastern University

Kyle Pritchard (D) - Dematha Catholic HS - Hampden Sydney

Harrison Peacock (A) - Douglas Freeman HS - Roanoke College

Jack Sheehan (A) - State College HS (PA) - Ferrum College

Dylan Pinsky (M) - Boys Latin HS - Ohio Northern University  

Evan Gaines (D) - Boys Latin HS - Washington College

Jake Hahn (G) - Bishop McNamara - Florida Tech


Cole Ament (A/M) - St. Paul's School - Salisbury University

Ryan Leonard (A) - Churchill HS - Towson University

Alex Kilgour (M) - Central York HS - Franlin & Marshall 

Kollin Vaught (M/FOGO) - Central York HS - Eastern

Andrew Taylor (LPM) - Fallston HS - UMBC

Andrew Caples (LPM/D) - St. Paul's School - Richmond

Zeb Hollinger (M) - Spring Grove HS - Florida Tech University

Jake Huebrin (M) - Loudoun Valley HS - University of Tampa

Milo Moose (M) - St. Paul's School - Dickinson College 

Nate Portray (M) - Lampeter Strasburg - Westminster College

Lucien St. Onge (M) - York Suburban HS - Delaware Valley

Jack Burns  (A) - St. Johns Catholic HS - Bellarmine University

Brady Altobello (M) - Churchill High School - Christopher Newport

Owen Miller (A) - Manheim Township HS - Tampa

Everett Campbell (D) - Fallston HS - McDaniel College

Brett Rogers (A) - St. Johns Catholic Prep HS - Lynchburg College


Andrew Milani (A) - St. Paul's High School - Towson University

Billy Briegel (D) - Penn Manor HS - Hartford University 

Max Stukenberg (D) - St. Paul's High School - Wagner University

Jack Guiffre (A) - Louisville Collegiate School - Kenyon College

Tre Freeman (A) - Manheim Township HS - Bridgewater College

Jayden Hull (LPM) - Westminster HS - York College

Colin Kelley (G)  - Marriotts Ridge HS - Mercer University

Christian Etchison (M) - Westminster High School - Mount St. Mary's

John Lux (A) - Cedar Crest High School - Salisbury University

Chris Darmino (LPM) - Liberty High School - Lynchburg College

Andrew Snelbaker (FOM) - York Catholic High School - Tampa University

Wes Chairs (D) - Mount Saint Joseph High School - Mercer University

Jon Spiropoulos (D) - St. Paul's High School - Boston University

Dekhari Clark (D) - St. Paul's High School - Hampton University

Zach Mentzer (M) - Red Lion High School - York College

Brett Kropinksi (M) - Century High School - Franklin & Marshall

Nick Jessen (A) - McCallie School - Lafayette University

Ian Callinan (G) - Catonsville High School - York College

Josh Heckman(M) - Penn Manor High School - Swarthmore College

Brennan Treacy (M) - St. Paul's High School - Mercer University

Dillon Dierman (D) - Middletown High School - Vassar College 

Eddie Pope (FOGO) - McDonogh School - Rhodes College

Carson Frey (M/A) - St. Paul's School - Lebanon Valley College

Cal Wilcox (M) - Fallston HS - St. Mary's College (MD)

Bryce Henise (M) - Eastern York HS - Robert Morris University

Jason Nazarenus (D) - Red Lion HS - Elizabethtown College

Jalen Stanton (M) - Century HS - Lynn University


Conner Covey (M/A) - Westminster HS - Marist 

Logan Covey (G) - Westminster HS - Marist

Logan Santos (M) - St. Paul's School - Ohio State University

Connor Slein (A) - St. Paul's School - Towson University

Cole McCarthy (M) - St. Paul's School - Mercer University

Cooper Rhue (M) - Oceanside Academy - Lander University

Joey Boylston (D) - Oceanside Academy - University of Utah

Simon Dickson - Wando HS - Haverford College

TJ Moore (G) - Cedar Crest HS - Lehigh (wrestling)

Ian McNaughton (D) - Central York HS - York College 

Easton Lanclos (M) - Cumberland Valley HS - Christopher Newport U

Gavin Jens (M) - Queen Annes HS - York College

Tony Lazarri - River Hill HS  - Mary Washington U

Adam Williams - Catonsville HS - McDaniel College

Ryan Pritchard - Dematha Catholic HS - Randolph Macon College

Cam Weeks - Ocean Collegiate (SC) - York College

Quinten Lyons - Red Lion HS - Tampa University

Isaiah Hines - Allen HS (TX) - Anderson University

Kyle Hatcher - New Hanover HS (NC) - Lenoir Rhyne University

John Recher - St. Paul's School - Hofstra University

Evan Park - Westminster HS - Newberry College

Chad Schaffer - Manchester Valley HS - Elizabethtown College

Austin Sipes - York Suburban HS - Frostburg State University

Andrew Ward - Palmyra High School - Florida Institute of Technology

Will Stone - Conestoga Valley HS - Arcadia University

Max Anderson - Central Dauphin High School - Lycoming  College 

Colin Kondraki - Hershey HS - Elizabethtown College

Brandon Luft - Palmyra High School - Greensboro College

Matthew Funk - Trinity High School - Harford Community College

Connor Sanders - Central Dauphin High School - Lynn University

Connor McDonough - State College High School  -  Catholic University 


Travis Hershey - Lower Dauphin High School - McDaniel College

JD Robinson - Penn Manor High School - Delaware Valley College

JP Jones - Lancaster Catholic High School - Susquehanna University 

Zach Jennings - Wando High School -  Rhodes College 

Dom Notolli - Hempfield High School - Ursinus College

Corbin Moore - Mannheim Central High School - Frostburg State 

Seamus Kearney - South Carroll High School - Frostburg State

Mason Scott - Lancaster Country Day - CCBC Essex

Conner Harlacher - West York High School - University of Lynchburg

Conrad Dillman - Conestoga Valley High School - McDaniel College 

Sam Szweda - Calvert Hall College High School - Salisbury University

Ryan Addison - Mount Saint Joseph - Bridgewater College

Jakob Terpak - Central York High School - Florida Tech University 


Keagan Treacy - St.Paul's School -  Army 

Garrett Taylor - Friends School - Binghamton University 

Jacob Notolli - St. Paul's School - Marquette University 



Congrats to Our 2020 Class! What a Group!

2019 Rock Lacrosse NCAA All Americans

Rock 2017 NCAA All Americans